Haifa Gymanstics, July 2011

I guess some nights are meant for blogging. I just found this video on YouTube, so I have to add one more post. It's us doing Samuel Beckett's piece "Quad" in Haifa Museum in Israel this July. The video, apparently uploaded by the museum, shows Amit Hadari, Osnat Kelner, Subi and myself performing 1/8 of the play, and then me desperately trying to talk to the audience, explaining the piece's structure and trying to get some volunteers to join and perform it with us. What I didn't really consider when I decided to do that, was the sound from numerous video and audio installations that were working all around the museum, as well as the museum visitors, who weren't really into listening to what I had to say... So at some point I just did what sometimes a man's gotta do: shut up and keep walking.