"You will see and agree everybody should be free 'cause if we ain't we're murderous"

Maybe it's the Palestinian drama starting today in the UN, or maybe just because every now and again I have to pay tribute to high priestess, who is still one of the most courageous, far-out, brilliant, provocative artists ever. This Montreux concert from 1976 is better than most "MA-in-performance" programs out there. Just watch and learn.
With only a drummer and a grand piano on stage, Nina's playing some of her classics ("little girl blue", "feelings", "Mr. Backlash"), showing off her new expensive necklace, looking for her dear friend David Bowie in the audience, exhibiting some dance moves she learned in Africa, screaming at some poor white person to sit down, and announcing she won't play any more jazz festivals, because after this gig she will ascend to a higher level. This is the shit. It is.

And while I'm at it I have to also put this one here. This is Maya beautifully homaging the queen in my last IntimaDance (2010):