Impressions from a movement (and a movie) in the making

So im in Warsawa. Weird city (will post some more soon). Anyway, this is an image from the first day of shooting here. Of course, quality is iphone shitty, but i like this frame very much. It shows some extras on the set of Yael's new video, the third in the trilogy about the "jewish renaissance movement in poland", which will be presented at the Venice biennale. These guys, dressed like very well equipped cops, were on set all day and being around them wasn't nice at all. Besides the fact that the clothes does make the man, which is always good to remember, it was a nice reminder of another fact, which Althusser wrote about very simply and cleverly: even when "real" cops are wearing these costumes, it's us who give them the relevance to act as if they had some authority. We imagine them and they imagine themselves just like the three guys having fun in this picture.